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Congratulations ! for making the right decision

You are on your way to develop in an accelerated manner, a fundamental skill for mastering your instrument. The money and the time you invest in it will be well rewarded, since you will go beyond thinking in terms of geometric patterns and finger positions, towards aproaching your instrument in terms of notes, intervals, relationships and harmony, like great musicians do. Gone will be the days of frustration and struggle transcribing sheet music, understanding a solo or finding various positions for a chord; suddenly it all becomes logic and simple, just because you are using the right language. Your brain will no longer have to deal with 72 anonimous positions, but, from now on it will be working with 12, very familiar notes.

♯Sharp offers two paid memberships to choose from: Allegro and Andante. The Andante allows you to use the entire neck and strings, use all the different instruments, change the tuning, etc, and save these settings in easy to retrieve profiles. The Allegro membership has all of this, but additionally you will enjoy the use of ♯Sharp's exclusive ♯noteHound System with wich you will greatly accelerate your learning speed, since you will always know exactly the notes/positions that are more challenging to you, and can organize your practice to work them out more intensely.

Hence, out of the two options, we recommend the Allegro, for it´s added value.

But if you rather take it one step a a time, you can start with the cheaper Andante membership. If later on you decide to upgrade (and we belive you will), the remaining days in your membership get translated to Allegro days, so no practice time is lost or waisted.

*Notice: The membership is auto renewed annually at the end of it´s term, by charging the card you have marked as favorite. You can cancel this process at any moment during your membership´s lifetime, should you decide not to continue with ♯Sharp, simply by clicking on the 'Stop AutoRenew' button on your Membership´s panel. Then no more payments will be charged to your card, and your current membership will expire at the end of it´s term. After that, you will have the option to continue using your free Adagio membership indefinitely, or to purchase a new Andante or Allegro plan.