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♯Amigo Benefits Program

Can you name all the notes on the fretboard by heart? Memorizing notes on the neck is an ardous task, but it will supercharge your musical and performance skills.

♯Sharp is for guitar, bass, mandoline, ukulele, cuban tres.

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You don´t need to register to Test Drive ♯Sharp, nevertheless, you cannot take part in our ♯Amigo Benefits Program or use our NoteHound exclusive system, so you will be missing out on a great learning opportunity.

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Upon registration with ♯Sharp you will automatically be assigned a Adagio membership, which has access to all instruments with 6 open frets, is completely free and has no expiration date. Your account will become inmediately ellegible for our ♯Amigo Benefits Program under which if you invite 2 friends and they register on ♯Sharp mentioning you as the referer, you´ll immediately become an Andante Member.

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As an Andante Member you have every fret position open and have up to 3 customizable profiles to save your preferences, among other goodies, and if you just invite 3 more friends to join ♯Sharp and register your email as their referer, you automatically become an Allegro Member.

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As an Allegro Member you get the full package, with all open frets and every available ♯Sharp feature accessible to you. Most notably you will gain access to our exclusive ♯NoteHound traking system to supercharge your learning.

How does it work?

Once you are registered with ♯Sharp, just invite your friends to register too, and make sure they type in your email in the 'Referred by my ♯Amigo' textbox, as they fill out their registration form. As easy as that!

It is very important they type in exactly the same email you used to register with ♯Sharp, so that both accounts are linked together and you get your deserved rewards.

Register now and tell your friends about #Sharp

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