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Our Memberships

Become a better musician by learning all the fretboard notes for favorite instrument.

♯Sharp is a fretboard memorization app designed to help you learn your instrument´s fretboard effortlesly.

There are four different types of memberships in ♯Sharp, they are all FREE! and have no expiration date.

membresia guest


The Guest membership, will allow you to Test Drive ♯Sharp with limited functionality. It requires no registration.

membresia adagio


This is a free membership, just like the regular Guest account, that will allow you to not only Test Drive ♯Sharp with all the available instruments and all open frets, but to opt in our news and offers mailings (don´t worry, we won´t flood your inbox with spam). Also as an Adagio member, you will be elegible for our ♯Amigo Benefits Program. All you have to do to become an Adagio Member is register here.

membresia andante


The Andante is a free membership that will allow you to use and configure all of ♯Sharp's fretted instruments with their full range of strings and frets that you can activate and deactivate with a click to any possible combination; change the instrument's tuning, select music notation, filter notes for natural or altered or notes of a specific scale, as well as save three of your preferred configurations in easily accessible profiles for future use. You achieve this membership by inviting just 2 friends under our ♯Amigo Benefits Program.

membresia allegro


The Allegro free membership is also free of charge comes with all the perks of the Andante membership, with up to six configurable profiles for greater versatility, and additionally you get to use ♯Sharp´s unique ♯noteHound system that will supercharge your learning by keeping track of your score for each fret and string position, showing you -on demand- exactly what notes are already learned and which ones require more work from you, and tailoring your practice accordingly. But that´s not all, it will also show you a detailed personalized report of your progress throughout the sessions. It doesn´t get any sweeter! To achive this membership, all you have to do is invite 5 friends to join ♯Sharp as per our ♯Amigo Benefits Program.

♯Amigo Benefits Program

All registered members are ellegible for ♯Sharp´s '♯Amigo Benefits Program'. Check it out!

Here´s a comparison chart for easy reference:

Features Guest Adagio Andante Allegro
Cost Completely free! Registration is required, but it´s totally free! 3 friends that register after your recommendation as per the ♯Amigo Benefits Program. 6 friends that register after your recommendation as per the ♯Amigo Benefits Program.
Participate in the '♯Amigo Benefits Pogram'
Choose from a variety of fretted instruments
The ability to create and save profiles with your personal preferences, whether with different configurations of the same instrument, or for different instruments. One customizable profile Three customizable profiles Up to six customizable profiles
Use of every note, only natural notes, only altered notes or notes for a given tone and scale; with many popular scales to choose from.
Change notation type (Latin or English)
Practice using all strings and frets in the selected instrument 4 open frets available 6 open frets available
String activate/deactivate
Fret activate/deactivate
Set string tuning
Grade precision, speed and overall score for each practice session
Use of ♯noteHound to keep your personal track of each instrument' position speed, precision and ♯Score throughout every practice session
Create tailor made practices to focus on the less familiar or practiced notes
To produce and display detailed individual reportes of your progress through your practice sessions
Show your score in ♯Sharp's Best ♯Score positions table for the world to see.
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