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This is a sample ♯noteHound report

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Progress Report


For 303 days, from Sep 14, 2018, to Jul 13, 2019, ♯noteHound has been gathering data of 32 ♯Sharp - Guitar sessions , where you have accurately identified 208 notes out of 255 attempts (81%).

To offer a more comprehensive landscape of your progress, ♯Sharp measures two fundamental aspects: precision and speed, as well as a combination of both in a unique point system we call ♯Score. Remember that the more you practice, the more meaningful and precise your scores will become. Let´s see each one:


Precision is a percentage, and it is obtained by dividing the number of hits by the number of attempts for each of your instrument positions. The graphic shows the average precision percentage you have achieved for each date, and it should show how you have improved over time as you build up practice time. The goal here is to obtain a constant precision of 100% or as close to it as you can.


This item measures your response in seconds for each position in the fretboard. The goal is to reduce the response´s time to the minimum, but even more important is that with every practice you get closer and closer to the 0 of the scale on the left side of the graphic.


This is a balanced score that uses precision, speed, points total, tries total, as well as the total active frets, strings and notes. This score allow us to compare scores of someone that practices with a full active neck, and someone that practices with a limited set. And since this dimension is an average, it also allows to compare scores of thousands of attempts vs just a few. If you practice regularly, this graphic should show a higher score as time goes by.