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Become a master in the learning the fretboard game, and it will naturally take you to a deeper understanting of your instrument and music in general.

♯Sharp is for guitar, bass, mandoline, ukulele, cuban tres.

What is ♯noteHound?

♯noteHound is ♯Sharp's exclusive learning tracking system, and it works like this:

Each time you try to guess a position´s note in ♯Sharp while keeping ♯noteHound's led indicator on in your configuration panel, your precision, speed and overall score get saved to the system's data base.

♯Sharp performs this task for each instrument you use inside the system, regardless of the Profile it´s been assigned to.

How Does That Help Me?

In this manner, ♯Sharp knows exactly which fret positions you have already learned, and which ones are more challenging. Then you can use this information to ask ♯Sharp to design your practice using those more 'difficult' notes, optimizing your practice time and maximizing your learning speed.

Filter Your Positions

Use ♯Sharp's filters to concentrate your practice on the frets and strings with greater need of reinforcement. You can activate or deactivate strings and frets to define an area of the neck you plan to attack and combine this with ♯noteHound's '♯Scores' filters to laser focus your efforts in this specific area of the fretboard

Keep Track of Your Progress

Use ♯Sharp's exclusive reports to monitor your advances:
My Score gives you precise and detailed information of the current state of your knowledge of every position in the neck, for each and every one of your instruments; while: My Progress shows you how you have achieved to improve your time, precision and ♯Scores as a reward for your constant practice as time has passed.

Compare Your Scores To Other User´s

When ready, you can measure your strenghts against other ♯Sharp's users of your same instrument, by peeking at your ♯Scores at the Best ♯Scores positions table.


All you need to be able to use ♯noteHound and take full advantage of all its benefits, is an Allegro membership, that you can easily get for free through our #Amigo Benefits Program.

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